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About Techni Mobili

Posted on by RTA Team
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Techni Mobili is a stylish and ergonomic brand of furniture that is designed and manufactured by RTA Products. We know the value in having furniture that is not only practical but also beautiful. Out of that, our line was born. … Continue reading

Techni Mobili for the Home

Posted on by RTA Team
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While we focus a lot on how Techni Mobili makes ergonomic office furniture, and we share information about furnishing your office – our furniture is great for personal use as well! Whether you’re furnishing a home office or even just … Continue reading

These Chairs Were Made for Sitting

Posted on by RTA Team

Did you know that the average worker in America spends 10 hours sitting? Not only is this an incredibly long time to be sitting, it’s even worse if the chair you’re sitting in isn’t made of quality materials and an … Continue reading

3 Benefits to Displaying Furniture


As a furniture retailer, one of your obvious goals is to sell furniture. Modern furniture retailers¬†have found many approaches to selling and marketing their furniture, from a brick and mortar storefront to online retailing. No matter how you’ll be advertising … Continue reading

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