Ergonomic Laptop Stands Holiday Gift Guide

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Still searching for the perfect holiday gift for friends and loved ones? Us too! Take the guessing game out of last-minute gifts and pick a gift that your loved ones will be loving long after the Christmas trees have been “curbed.”

Ergonomic Solutions for All “Work Personalities”

Certainly you may be thinking: “laptop stands for loved ones”? Still, ask yourself these questions: “How many of my friends work in an office?” “How many of my friends have a laptop?” 

These days, that describes the majority of our friends! Simply, consider their “work personality” and leave the rest up to us!

The Writer

Whether they’re writing papers for university courses, chatting in forums, or working on a business deal, this friend’s fingers always seem to be moving at lightening speed across their keyboard.

This “mover and shaker” will enjoy that The Sharper Image RTA-SISK11 laptop stand (available in white) and the 2COOL 2C-SK11H2 Trendy Laptop Stand (available in black) both feature a built-in full size keyboard with a fully functional touchpad, which allow you to work on your laptop with ease.

This ergonomic solution prevents neck strain and also offers an open back design that allows heat to escape to keep your laptop cool.


The Workaholic

For the friend who’s all business, health (and the health of their laptop) is essential! Got a friend who spends way more than 9-to-5 working on their laptop? We have the gift for them!

The Sharper Image® RTA-SIS07HA laptop stand, The Sharper Image RTA-SISK31 laptop stand, or the 2COOL 2C-SK31H2 Sleek Chill Laptop Stand are our top picks for this friend. Each offer cooling fans to keep that overworked laptop (and friend) from overheating. They also offer USB hubs to ensure your friend is always connected.

The Sharper Image RTA-SISK31 adjustable laptop stand (available in silver) and 2COOL 2C-SK31H2 ergonomic laptop stand (available in black) offer full keyboards, while The Sharper Image RTA-SIS07HA has a convenient collapsible design with multiple adjustable height and viewing angles.

And, of course, all of these ergonomic laptop stands are ergonomically designed to prevent neck strain to make you and your loved ones more comfortable while “getting the job done!”


The One Always On-The-Go

For the coffee-lover who is always on-the-go, their “office” is often in the palm of their hand or in their carry-all bag. The 2COOL 2C-TCK02C iPad Portfolio is the perfect choice for this trendy go-getter. This ergonomic iPad case comes with an adjustable stand and a built-in silicone Bluetooth® Keyboard, which is dust-proof and spill-proof, so no coffee spill will ever ruin their day again! And, it’s available in black, red, pink, and white!



Tell us: How would you describe your “work personality”? 

Leave us a comment below or on our Facebook or Twitter to let us know!

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