Our Newest Ergonomic Laptop Stand Helps to Prevent Neck Strain

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RTA Ergonomic Solutions

The Sharper Image® RTA-SIS07HA laptop stand offers an ergonomic solution for those of you who spend a great deal of time working on your laptop (or playing games, no judgment, we feel you!).

The Sharper Image® RTA-SIS07HA Laptop Stand

Ergonomic Laptop Stand: RTA-SIS07HA Laptop StandThis laptop stand has an ergonomic design to prevent neck strain and a convenient, collapsible design with multiple adjustable height and viewing angles to tailor your view to you (no matter your height or preferences).

It also sports a large cooling fan to keep your laptop cool, even if you’re on it for hours, and includes a 4-Port USB hub to connect other devices.

RTA-SIS07HA Sneak Peek

To view the RTA-SIS07HA image gallery and sneak a peek, follow this link: http://www.rtaproducts.com/products/rta-sis07ha.htm. Let us know what you think!

Tell us: Do you use your laptop more for work or play? Leave us a comment to let us know!

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