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Happy New Year! We hope you had a fantastic 2011—here’s to an incredible 2012!

As we’re certain you recall, in our blog post “Ergonomic Solutions: Improving Occupational Health,” we discussed the study of ergonomics, explained neck flexion, and offered some ergonomic solutions (such as ergonomic laptop stands) for the most common ailments affecting those of us who spend a great deal of time working on our laptops.

Now that the New Year is upon us, it’s time we acknowledge our New Year’s resolutions. And, if you’re anything like us, we’re guessing it may involve health and fitness! Of course, ergonomic laptop stand solutions improve occupational health, but ergonomics can also be applied to exercise. With that in mind, in the spirit of the New Year, we’re counting down the top ways ergonomics can be applied to exercises you can perform at your desk to improve both your occupational and overall health.

Ergonomic Exercises Provide Ergonomic Solution in Office

Now that you’ve learned how to craft an ergonomic office space, we’ll discuss what to do with your body while you work to ensure you stay in tip-top shape. The Division of Occupational Health and Safety recommends:

Eye Exercises

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Eye Comfort Exercises: Blink, yawn, and expose your eyes to natural light to keep your peepers moist.

Palming: Brace your elbows on your desk, cup hands over eyes and close them. Inhale slowly through your nose and hold for 4 seconds. Continue deep breathing for 15-30 seconds.

Eye Movements: Close your eyes and gently move them up to the ceiling, then slowly down to the floor. Repeat 3 times. Then repeat the process again, this time moving your eyes left to right.

Focus Change: Hold one finger a few inches away from the eye and focus on it. Slowly move the finger away and focus far into the distance and then, back to your finger. After this, slowly bring the finger back to within a few inches of your eye and focus on something more than 8 feet away. Repeat 3 times.

Musculoskeletal Exercises

Deep Breathing: Place one hand on your abdomen and one on your chest, inhale slowly through the nose and hold for 4 seconds. Exhale slowly through the mouth and repeat.

Cable Stretch: Sit with your chin in, stomach in, shoulders relaxed in lap and feet flat on the floor and imagine a cable pulling your head upward. Hold for 3 seconds and relax. Repeat 3 times.

Side Bend: Neck Stretch: Tilt head to one side (ear towards shoulder) and hold for 15 seconds. Relax. Then, repeat 3 times on each side.

Diagonal Neck Stretch: Turn head slightly and then look down as if looking in your pocket and hold for 15 seconds. Relax. Then, repeat 3 times on each side.

Shoulder Shrug: Slowly bring your shoulders up to your ears and hold for 3 seconds. Rotate shoulders back and down. Repeat 10 times.ergonomic solutions by RTA Products

Executive Stretch: While sitting, lock your hands behind your head. Bring your elbows back as far as possible. Inhale deeply while leaning back and stretching. Hold for 20 seconds. Then, exhale, relax, and repeat.

Foot Rotation: While sitting, slowly rotate each foot from the ankle. Rotate 3 times in one direction and then, 3 times in the opposite direction. Relax and repeat.

Hand Shake: While sitting, drop your arms to your sides. Shake hands downward gently. Repeat this exercise frequently.

Hand Massage: Gently massage the inside and outside of the hand using the thumb and fingers. Repeat this exercise frequently.

Finger Massage: Gently massage the fingers of each hand and the spaces between them slowly. Perform this exercise daily.

Wrist Stretch: Hold one of your arms straight out in front of you. Pull your hand backwards with the other hand and then pull downwards. Hold for 20 seconds. Relax and repeat 3 times each on each side.

After applying these ergonomic solutions to your workplace and daily routines, we’re certain you’ll start feeling happier and healthier in the office. We know we do! To enhance the application of ergonomics in the workplace, don’t forget to check out our array of ergonomic laptop stand solutions as well.

Looking to extend the application of ergonomics to exercise outside of the office as well? Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post on how to apply ergonomics to exercise outside of the office!

Tell us: Do you have a New Year’s resolution? What is it?

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And, again, Happy New Year!

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