Ergonomic Home Office Space Design Ideas

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Hi there RTA fans!  Do you work from home? If so, you’re part of a growing trend!

Working remotely certainly has its pros (namely, working in your pajamas) and cons (particularly if you are easily distracted). Still, there are many “remote work trends to achieve,” as well as many solutions to get rid of these cons to ensure working at home is as efficient and comfortable as possible.

Read on to learn about the ergonomic home office space design ideas and solutions we’ve pulled together to help you out!

Ergonomic Home Office Workstation Solutions

Solution 1: The Right Ergonomic Office Equipment

home office deskHome office desks can help keep you organized and thus, relaxed and able to focus even when working at home. Our The Sharper Image RTA-SI7305, for instance, is as much a work of art as a piece of furniture! Constructed of tempered glass, powder coated steel, and engineered wood with a Graphite laminate, this desk is built for style and durability. The glass top offers plenty of room for a laptop and more, while the three utility drawers and one lettersize file drawer provide ample storage.

Deck out your desk with a printer, a solid computer (with a strong Internet connection and access to work email), and, of course, a cell-phone, as communication is key when working out of the office!

 Solution 2: Communication, Communication, Communication

It is important to keep several lines of communication open with the main office. US News notes that while it is possible for “things get lost in translation when we communicate remotely…you can also argue that some people communicate better electronically. Email, phone, and videoconferencing can actually lead to more effective communication.”

An ergonomic laptop stand, such as our 2COOL 2C-SK02H2 will serve a dual purpose for the at-home worker. First, the laptop stand will help prevent neck strain. Secondly, the position of your laptop will allow videoconferencing to take place at eyelevel, rather then hunched over. This home office laptop stand will keep you happy and healthy and enhance your professional appearance (even if you’ve still kept your slippers on!).

Indeed, video communication is amongst one the “the top trends related to remote work” that Forbes believes we need to “achieve, not just predict. If we make these trends happen, then remote work will become a meaningful and accessible strategy for managing our everyday work+life fit.”

“Video will make remote work more personal. As video technology advances and becomes less costly, it will become a main tool in the remote communication and productivity arsenal,” notes Forbes.

Solution 3: Stay Focused and Productive

ergonomic laptop standWorking remotely may increase productivity for some (and, of course, may be a source of more distraction for others). Forbes notes, as one of the “Top Remote Work Trends for Employers” that “remote work will be used to improve productivity when intense concentration is required. When a report must be written or a complicated document needs to be analyzed, managers will encourage employees to work remotely in order to avoid distracting office interruptions.”

On the other hand, many find the distractions of home to detract from this concentration. While working at home is indeed real work, our friends and family may equate this to us being more available for mid-day shopping or movie trips, get-togethers, or errands. And, you as an individual may find it hard to get your day started when you don’t have to change out of your pajamas and rush into the office to present your boss with a proper “Good Morning” at 9 AM sharp.

Resumark suggests counteracting this by still behaving as though you will actually leave the house to go to work. “The best way to treat working from home is to actually go to work in your home. Get up at a pre-business hour, get yourself ready, dress in business attire (it can be casual, but you want to look presentable), pour your coffee and take yourself off to a hopefully-designated area that is solely for work use.”ergonomic desk chair

When working, either at home or in an office, comfort is the key to productivity. Work in style and comfort with an ergonomic desk chair, such as our The Sharper Image RTA-SI0518, which features a breathable mesh back with a contoured soft cushion mesh fabric seat and padded armrests. Those features, along with its height-adjustable function and 5-position tilting/locking double action mechanism allow one to maintain proper back and neck support.

Looking for more ways to position yourself comfortably and safely in your home office? Check out our blog post “Ergonomic Solutions: Improving Occupational Health”!

Let us know: Do you work from home? What tips do you have for other at-home workers to enhance their productivity? Please share your thoughts below or on our Facebook or Twitter!

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