Ergonomic Laptop Stands Spring 2012 Trend Report

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This past holiday season, we published our “Ergonomic Laptop Stands Holiday Gift Guide” aimed at taking the guessing game out of last-minute gifts and helping you choose a gift based on the “work personality” of your loved ones! We asked you to ask yourself: “How many of my friends work in an office?” and  “How many of my friends have a laptop?” Not surprisingly, the answers encompassed pretty much all of your friends!

Ergonomic Solutions for all Creative Personalities

Certainly, we all may consider ourselves “writers,” “workaholics,” or “always on-the-go,” but we must admit, that’s not all there is to us (or to our lives)! While a solid work ethic is, indeed, a good thing, we sure do believe in balancing that out with some “play.” While we may be “workaholics,” some of us are also music-lovers, gamers, aspiring chefs, avid-readers, and beyond. Luckily, no matter what your profession, passions, or hobbies may be, we’ve designed ergonomic solutions with you in mind!

The Music-Lover

Stereo DeskAre you one of those individuals who must listen to music while working in order to focus? Or, even when relaxing, do you feel restless without some ambience? We have to admit, we’re the same way! That’s why we’ve created the The Sharper Image Stereo Desk (RTA-SIM1102). This mobile laptop desk allows you to play high-quality stereo music while you work or relax. It’s equipped with designer double-wheel non-marking casters for exceptional mobility and a large cooling fan to keep your laptop from overheating. The stereo can be activated using a laptop, or without a laptop via the included AC Adapter to ensure that no matter where you are in your home or office or what you’re doing, you’ll be listening to the perfect soundtrack.

2C-SK31H2 ergonomic laptop standDo you consider yourself to be more than just a music-lover? Perhaps you’re an aspiring musician? In that case, our 2COOL 2C-SK31H2 ergonomic laptop stand is an ideal selection for you! Its 2-Port USB hub allows you to, for example, easily plug in your guitar and record your own music, whilst its three cooling fans silently keep your laptop from overheating. When you’re editing, its full keyboard will allow you to work on your laptop with ease, while the overall ergonomic design helps prevent neck strain.

The Communicator

Do you enjoy being social? Whether it’s emailing, making plans with friends, chatting on Skype or on the phone, are you always connected to your family and friends? If the answer is ‘yes,’ then The Sharper Image Laptop Stand with Speakers (RTA-SISS107F) is suited for your needs, particularly if you video chat regularly for work or to keep in touch with long-distance friends and relatives! It features high-quality speakers to ensure you don’t miss a word, and to play your favorite music! A built-in, quiet and efficient cooling fan prevents your laptop from overheating. The stand also includes a USB microphone (so your friends can hear you) and an LED light (so they can see you), each mounted on a flexible neck, along with a 3-Port USB hub to make staying connected a breeze.

The Foodie

2COOL 2C-SK11H2Do you enjoy trying new recipes and watching cooking shows? With the growing number of tutorials, recipes, and shows available online these days, an ergonomic laptop stand is quite the beneficial kitchen aid. Forget leaning over your precious laptop with a mixing bowl in hand to read just how many teaspoons of vanilla you need! With the 2COOL 2C-SK11H2, for example, your laptop will be propped up at the perfect angle so you can easily glance over at a recipe on your screen, or follow along with a cooking show without missing a beat. While you’ve got something in the oven or once you’ve finished cooking, you can use your ergonomic laptop stand to view one of your favorite shows without having to leave the kitchen (or risk burning up your dish)!

In your day-to-day routine, you’ll also enjoy that the Trendy Laptop Stand features a built-in, full size keyboard with a fully functional touchpad that allows you to work on your laptop with ease. This ergonomic solution prevents neck strain and allows heat to escape through its open back design, keeping your laptop cool (even when you’re heating up the kitchen).

Tell us: Beyond your profession, what are your other passions and hobbies?

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