Ergonomic Solution: The 2COOL 2C-SS107F Laptop Stand with Speakers

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In our Ergonomic Laptop Stands Spring 2012 Trend Report and Ergonomic Laptop Stands Holiday Gift Guide we highlighted the ideal ergonomic solutions for our fans based on their personalities—from the music-lovers to the ones always on-the-go to the workaholics and the foodies, our The Sharper Image and 2COOL lines of ergonomic laptop stands and workplace solutions suit the needs of many vastly different lifestyles. Still, that isn’t to say that all our products can’t suit your needs even if you don’t consider yourself a “communicator” or “foodie” per se!

Laptop Stand with Speakers Provides Workplace Solution for All

The 2COOL 2C-SS107F Laptop Stand with Speakers is certainly a prime example! Of course, our “chatty” fans will enjoy that this stand includes a USB microphone and an LED light (each mounted on a flexible neck) to make video-chatting even more life-like. Still, even you don’t consider yourself “chatty,” you’ll definitely appreciate the 2C-SS107F’s high-quality speakers to play your favorite music and built-in, quiet and efficient cooling fan to prevent your laptop from overheating. These components, along with the 3-Port USB hub (icing on the cake!) make staying connected a breeze! Now, who isn’t suited to that!?

Tell us: What word best describes your personality? Please do leave us a comment below, or on our Facebook or Twitter! We look forward to hearing from you!


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