Ergonomic Solutions for the Latest Tablet and E-Reader Tech Trend

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According to The New York Times’ blog Media Decoder, “There was no must-have toy of Christmas 2011 — for youngsters, anyway.”

“For adults, tablet computers and e-readers were the gifts of choice, judging by a new report that indicates the number of adults in the United States who own tablets and e-readers nearly doubled from mid-December to early January.” “Women were heavier buyers of e-readers than men, a finding consistent with surveys that indicate women tend to buy more books than men do.”

And, of course, the trend to follow this report is stylish and functional protection! There is no better time than now to seek ergonomic solutions for this tech trend to ensure that your continued use of your new tech toy doesn’t put it (or your neck) in harm’s way!

Tablet Cases and Tablet Stands Provide Ergonomic Solutions for the Latest Tech Trend

Were you the recipient of a tablet or e-reader this holiday season? Lucky for you, we’ve got the perfect option for you! In fact, we’ve got many ergonomic solutions for the tablet-toting professional!

Peruse the tablet cases and stands below — whether you’re reading on-the-go or working at home, we have the perfect electronic accessory for you — all designed with the latest technology trend in mind: the tablet!

The 2C-TCK02C iPad Case2COOL 2C-TCK02C iPad case

For the one who is always on-the-go, their “office” is often in the palm of their hand or in their carry-all bag. The 2COOL 2C-TCK02C iPad case is the perfect choice for this trendy go-getter. This ergonomic iPad case comes with an adjustable stand and a built-in silicone Bluetooth® keyboard, which is dust-proof and spill-proof, so no coffee spill will ever ruin their day again! And, this iPad portfolio is available in black, red, pink, and white!

The 2C-S030A Tablet Stand2C-S030A tablet stand

This lightweight and easy-to-use stand is ideal for notebooks, tablets, iPads and e-readers. If you appreciate functionality as much as design, then the 2C-S030A ergonomic tablet stand is for you! Its contours and sleek design make it as much a work of art as an electronic accessory, while its ergonomic adjustable viewing angles help users to avoid neck strain.

The 2C-S50A Tablet Stand2C-S50A ergonomic tablet stand

This collapsible and lightweight ergonomic tablet stand is ideal for netbooks, tablets and e-readers. The 2C-S50A is completely user friendly and its ergonomic adjustable viewing angles help prevent neck strain. This tablet stand is the ideal choice for those who favor their netbook, tablet, or e-reader over any other piece of technology —and thus, spend a great deal of time working (or playing) on it!

Tell us: What was the first e-book you read on your new tablet?

If you’re interested in learning more about the tablet trend, visit the New York Times’ Media Decoder blog at:

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