Triple Cooling Ergonomic Laptop Stand Helps Prevent Neck Strain

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RTA-SISK31 ergonomic laptop standThe Sharper Image® RTA-SISK31 laptop stand offers an ergonomic solution for those of you who spend a great deal of time working on your laptop! Even if you use your laptop primarily for pleasure (rather than work), you may indeed be putting your health at risk. But don’t be alarmed, with some simple ergonomic solutions your mind and body can be put at ease!

The Sharper Image RTA-SISK31 Ergonomic Laptop Stand

This laptop stand has an ergonomic design to prevent neck strain and sports three large cooling fans to silently keep your laptop cool, even if you’re on it for hours. The Sharper Image RTA-SISK31 ergonomic laptop stand also offers a 2-Port USB hub to connect to other devices, and a touchpad and full-size keyboard made of durable ABS plastic to keep you connected, comfortable, and ready to take on whatever your workday may throw your way!


To view the RTA-SISK31 image gallery and sneak a peek, follow this link: Let us know what you think!

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