Ergonomic Laptop Solutions Provide Gift Ideas for Fathers and Graduates

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The Sharper Image® and 2COOL® ergonomic laptop solutions lines offer stylish & revolutionary gifts for Father’s Day and graduates.

RTA Products LLC is excited to report on the latest additions to their new ergonomic solutions lines, The Sharper Image® and 2COOL®. The features of these innovative ergonomic solutions suit the needs and lifestyles of fathers, high school and college grads, making it simple to select a tech-savvy Father’s Day gift or a graduation present sure to prepare the special grad in your life for their future.

Ergonomic Laptop TableFor Father’s Day: Perfect for fathers on-the-go, whether for business or pleasure, The Sharper Image RTA-SI2010 Foldable Lap-table is foldable, portable and compact for on-the-go use, granting users desk space whether they may be on a plane, a train or the couch. The RTA-SI2010 also features dual USB powered cooling fans, keeping dad cooler than cool even when things heat up, plus an integrated 3-Port USB 2.0 Hub and a power port to ensure that no matter how close or far from home dad may be, he’s always connected.

Ergonomic Stereo DeskFor the High School Graduate: For those heading to college, there are two things these graduates can be certain of: they’ll be writing many papers and their living quarters will be tight. Prepare this graduate with The Sharper Image RTA-SIM1102 Stereo Desk, which incorporates two HiFi speakers so users can play high-quality stereo music from their computer, iPods or iPads. Just plug in the included USB port to your device! Not only will it play your favorite songs, but it will charge your devices as well. It’s also equipped with designer double-wheel non-marking casters for exceptional mobility, granting this graduate a mobile desk with plenty of space for their laptop and books that can easily be pushed aside when not in use. The RTA-SIM1102 also offers three additional USB ports, a large cooling fan to keep laptops from overheating, and can be activated using a laptop, or without a laptop via the included AC Adapter.

Ease the strain of those lengthy term papers with The Sharper Image RTA-SISK11 ergonomic laptop stand which offers a built-in full-size keyboard, fully functional touchpad with left and right buttons, and an open back design that allows heat to escape, keeping this graduate’s laptop cool. The RTA-SISK11’s ergonomic design also prevents the neck strain that occurs with extensive time spent hunching over laptops.

Ergonomic iPad CaseFor the College Graduate: For the tech-savvy and on-the-go graduate, whether on the job hunt, visiting roommates or working, the 2COOL 2C-TCK02C ergonomic iPad case protects their essential electronic accessory while providing a spill-resistant and dust-proof built-in Bluetooth® keyboard. With the added benefit of an ergonomic and adjustable viewing stand, this graduate will be able to take advantage of all the benefits of full-size laptop, without the added weight or neck strain.

“With the advent of our innovative ergonomic laptop and mobile accessories lines, our goal is to revolutionize how consumers experience their laptops and other portable devices such as iPad® and e-Book readers,” said Gabe Dickstein, managing director of RTA Products. “Each RTA Products mobile laptop and tablet accessory was developed with an eye for detail to ensure that users can enjoy their devices for hours without compromising on comfort or style.”

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