Portable Ergonomic Solutions by RTA Products Protect iPads, Tablets and E-Readers While On-The-Go

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Ergonomic solutions from The Sharper Image® and 2COOL® lines by RTA Products offer portable protection for the latest tech trend.

RTA Products LLC is pleased to offer ergonomic solutions for the latest trend in technology: the tablet. The Sharper Image® and 2COOL® lines offer light-weight and portable protection for electronic essentials, allowing users to utilize these ergonomic solutions wherever their summer travels may lead them.

Ergonomic iPad StandThe Sharper Image RTA-SITCK02 iPad Portfolio: This summer, there’s no need to stress about bringing work along on a summer trip. The Sharper Image RTA-SITCK02 iPad portfolio is the perfect choice for those who would like their office to be in the palm of their hand. The RTA-SITCK02 offers a comfortable Bluetooth® notebook style keyboard, an adjustable stand with several viewing angles, and features a sleek lightweight case made of premium Techniflex material, which looks and feels like real leather. Designed to fit all three generations of iPad, the RTA-SITCK02 is perfect for small spaces and lap use while traveling.

2C-S030A EZ-View Ergonomic Laptop Stand2COOL 2C-S030A Tablet Stand: This lightweight and easy-to-use stand is ideal for notebooks, tablets, iPads and e-readers. If you appreciate functionality as much as design, then the 2C-S030A ergonomic tablet stand is for you! Its contours and sleek design make it as much a work of art as an electronic accessory, while its ergonomic adjustable viewing angles help users to avoid neck strain.

2C-S50A Ergonomic Table Stand2COOL 2C-S50A Tablet Stand: This collapsible and lightweight ergonomic tablet stand is ideal for netbooks, tablets and e-readers. The 2C-S50A is completely user friendly and its ergonomic adjustable viewing angles help prevent neck strain. This tablet stand is the ideal choice for those who favor their netbook, tablet or e-reader over any other piece of technology —and thus, spend a great deal of time working (or playing) on it.

“With the world of technology advancing and shifting rapidly, RTA Products’ goal is to continue offering users ergonomic solutions for the latest in technology trends,” said Gabe Dickstein, managing director of RTA Products. “Each RTA Products ergonomic laptop stand and tablet accessory line was ergonomically designed to meet these ever-changing needs without compromising on comfort or style.”

To view the entire The Sharper Image and 2COOL lines of tablet accessories and ergonomic laptop stands, please visit: http://www.rtaproducts.com

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