2COOL Ergonomic Laptop Stand, 2C-SK31H2, with Keyboard

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In “Ergonomic Laptop Stands Holiday Gift Guide” we highlighted The Sharper Image and 2COOL ergonomic laptop stands and workspace solutions that would be perfect for all your holiday gift giving. The Sharper Image stylish workspace line and 2COOL Ergonomic Laptop Stand line from RTA Products are available for all “work personalities” including the “the workaholic.”

Sleek Chill Ergonomic Laptop Stand with Keyboard

2C-SK31H2 Ergonomic Sleek Chill Laptop StandThe 2COOL 2C-SK31H2 Cooling Laptop Stand with Keyboard is certainly ideal for all the “workaholics” out there! Our fans will enjoy this ergonomic laptop stand, which includes a full-size keyboard with durable ABS plastic. The 2COOL 2C-SK31H2 has not one, but three, built-in quiet and efficient cooling fans that prevent your laptop from overheating. You also have the option to raise the monitor on the 2COOL 2C-SK31H2 to eye level, which will help to give you better posture and prevent neck strain, making your work more efficient!

Ergonomic Laptop Stand Tell us: Would you describe yourself as a “workaholic”? Please leave us a comment below, or on our Facebook or Twitter! We look forward to hearing from you!

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