RTA Products Ergonomic Laptop Desk with Stereo Feature Provides Tech-Savvy Workspace Solution

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RTA Products ergonomic laptop desk from The Sharper Image® line of workspace solutions provides a portable & stylish solution for dorms and home offices.

RTA Products LLC is pleased to offer a workspace solution for music-lovers: The Sharper Image® RTA-SIM1102 Stereo Desk. The Stereo Desk by RTA Products provides high-quality music and exceptional mobility, allowing users to utilize this tech-savvy ergonomic solution in even the most compact spaces.
RTA-SIM1102 Ergonomic Laptop Desk

The Sharper Image RTA-SIM1102 Stereo Desk incorporates two HiFi speakers so users can play high-quality stereo music from their computer, iPods or iPads by simply plugging in the included USB port to a device. Not only will this ergonomic laptop desk play tunes, but it will also charge devices.

The RTA-SIM1102 is equipped with designer double-wheel non-marking casters for exceptional mobility, granting those in small spaces a mobile desk with plenty of space for their laptop and books that can easily be pushed aside when not in use. The RTA-SIM1102 also offers three additional USB ports and a large cooling fan to keep laptops from overheating, and can be activated using a laptop, or without a laptop via the included AC Adapter.

“With the advent of our innovative ergonomic laptop and mobile accessories lines, our goal is to revolutionize how consumers experience their laptops and other portable devices such as iPad® and e-Book readers,” said Gabe Dickstein, managing director of RTA Products. “Each RTA Products mobile laptop and tablet accessory was developed with an eye for detail to ensure that users can enjoy their devices for hours without compromising on comfort or style.”

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