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It’s 2013, and odds are you have at least half of your life stored on your cell phone, from contacts and photos to important notes and calendars. Considering the necessary role cell phones play in our daily lives you’d think they could design them to be less fragile because, let’s face it, accidents happen and cell phones somehow or other fall. That’s where RTA’s 2COOL® anti-shock cell phone cases made with SOLiDE™ technology “fall” into play. Our specially formulated SOLiDE™ anti-shock material has highly moistened qualities, enabling our cases to absorb 60% more shock compared to other popular brands!

Constructed out of polycarbonate and anti-shock TPE, the 2COOL® SOLiDE™ anti-shock cell phone cases are specially designed to protect iPhone® 5 and Galaxy® S3 phone models from impact damage. We tested dropping our cases from a height of 39 inches and did the same with two well-known brands. The other brands rebounded an average of 9.8 inches in the air when hitting the ground! On the other hand, the 2COOL® SOLiDE™ cases only bounced 3.7 inches, preventing a tremendous level of impact damage. You can rest assured with our cell phone cases that your phone will not suffer from a fall.

In keeping with the 2COOL® commitment to stylish tech accessories, the anti-shock cell phone cases for iPhone® 5 come in a wide assortment of colors and feature cut out designs to show off the Apple® logo. Of the eight models for iPhone® 5, all but one feature thickened corners for extra protection. The exception is the 2C-C5400 Skin Series i5, an ultra thin, smooth rubber coated case only .4mm thick weighing in at barely 3 grams. The other shock absorbent 2COOL® SOLIDE™ cases for iPhone 5 models include the 2C-C5005 Voyager, the 2C-C5010 Shield (pictured here), the 2C-C5004 Explorer, the 2C-C5012 Brick, the 2C-C5002 Adventure with kick-stand, and the 2C-C5007 Protector. Cycling enthusiasts will no doubt enjoy the 2C-C5002B Rider. Shown below, this heavy duty case includes a universal bike mount you can attach to the back and remove after your ride.

Android users can also benefit from RTA’s 2COOL® anti-shock cell phone line with the option of two different models, the 2C-C3005 Voyager, and the 2C-C3007 Protector, shown here. Both models sport thicker corners for extra protection, and between the two models you can choose from nine different colors for your Galaxy ® S3.

Style meets protection and comfort, that’s the 2COOL® way, and our SOLiDE™ anti-shock cell phone cases are the latest example. COMING SOON!


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