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It’s important to work with a furniture manufacturer who you can trust to deliver your product. Whether you have an online storefront or a brick and mortar store, drop shipping can be invaluable for your business – which is only part of the reason we have provided this service for you. At RTA Products, we know that having a quality product is only important when you can actually access our wholesale furniture. Here are a few reasons why drop shipping can be an excellent advantage for your business.

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop Shipping is a strategy for order fulfillment. The products ship directly from a wholesaler or furniture manufacturer (Like RTA Products and Techni Mobili) to a retailer or customer. In this way, the retailer does the marketing and can save time in the shipping department. For many companies, drop shipping can come with a downside, through extra fees, but when you utilize the drop shipping with RTA Products, there are no drop shipping fees.

Offer More Products

When drop shipping is available, you open up the possibilities to having MORE product available. Instead of only being able to stock and sell whatever can fit on your showroom floor, you can now sell anything from a catalog or online storefront. You don’t have to have every piece available on the spot, but they can be available within just a short amount of time. In fact, at RTA Products, we have a 24 hour turnaround time (business days).

Speed Up the Process

Instead of your customers having to wait for their furniture to be shipped from the manufacturer to the distributor, and then the distributor to the merchant, and then delivered to the customer, we can actually speed this time up. You can make Techni Mobili furniture available to your clients without even having to stock the item.

Easy Return Policy

Should you need to return your product, we have return policies available for our sellers. We also have warranties available and replacement parts for your customers. Though, we aim to provide only high-quality wholesale furniture for your customers. Do you have more questions about our return policy? You can learn more on our website: http://rtaproducts.com/product-warranty.htm

Wholesale Furniture Through RTA Products

At RTA Products, we cover the country from coast to coast as well as globally from our office in Hangzhou, China. With a strategic distribution-shipping point in South Florida, we are committed to excellence in distribution. As part of our international coverage, we have distribution channels throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Along with palletizing orders for both retail and wholesale markets, RTA specializes in e-commerce drop ship distribution. We have developed our special e-commerce packaging, customer service and order processing to ensure that our products are shipped within 24 hours. We are proud of our customer support team, who on a daily basis provides assembly support to consumers. Are you ready to supply the best residential and commercial furniture on the market – visit our website to learn more.

You can rely on RTA Products LLC to be a trusted partner who is committed to success in sales, marketing, production, distribution and customer service.

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