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At RTA Products, we want to assist furniture companies in selling quality products that their customers will love. Whether your business specializes in office furniture or furniture for residential use, we have many pieces that can work to your advantage. If you have a showroom, creating an environment is key to selling your pieces, and we have a few tips to help you create a display that not only enhance the features of your pieces but showcase the beauty that they create.

Imagine Your Target Customer

In any sales position, it’s important to imagine who your target customers are. Are you looking to sell your pieces to business owners? Start by creating a display featuring the organization, yet stylish look of our desks and office chairs. If you want to appeal to a homeowner, you can use our entertainment centers to create an amazing focal point.

Get Inspiration

Take some time to do some research and get inspiration. There are always trending styles in design and furniture displays, and if you know what’s hot on the market you can help appeal to potential customers. You can sign up for design magazines and blogs to get a pulse on the styles. You can also set up Pinterest boards for styles that you like and that are trending.

Appeal to More Than One Sense

The advantage to selling furniture in a storefront is that you can appeal to many senses – unlike only online sales. Sight, smell, touch, and sound can all work to your advantage. You could appeal to taste if you wanted to have appetizers in your store, but that isn’t required. As long as you appeal to more senses than just sight, you could impact your sales. Not only should your furniture displays look amazing, they should invite the customers to touch them. Step up the quality of your storefront by involving soft music and relaxing scents as well.

Show – Not Tell

Only talking about the pieces you have displayed may not be enough to get a sale. Show your customers about the pieces and you could make large strides. Make your pieces easy to touch and use. Invite your guests to sit at a Techni Mobili desk in an ergonomic desk chair. Provide an atmosphere where your customers can imagine these pieces in their office or home and you are farther than you would ever be through a monolog.

Set the Mood With Light

Lighting can make or break your atmosphere. Calm, peaceful lights can imitate a home, while brighter, white lights give the appearance of cleanliness and office areas. It’s important to use the right lighting to communicate the correct style.

Don’t Get Stuck In a Rut

Design is an ever changing thing – and because of that, you can’t stick with just one style forever. Chances are, you’ll love the next display just as much as the first! Be willing to take some time every few weeks and mix things up. Not only will this strengthen your design abilities, but it will allow your customers to see the furniture in a whole new light.

Furniture Displays with Techni Mobili

Techni Mobili and RTA Products our focus is to create, produce, and distribute quality products. Through our combination of quality, price, and service. We want to exceed the expectations of our customers and consumers in all ways. Visit our website to learn more about our products, and contact us to learn how you can stock our wholesale furniture in your store.

You can rely on RTA Products LLC to be a trusted partner who is committed to success in sales, marketing, production, distribution and customer service.

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