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Whether you’re a new furniture retailer with us, or a customer who has just received your new modern furniture from RTA Products – sometimes you have questions. Sometimes questions are common, other times they are more complex. Here are a few frequently asked questions and the quick answers to help you out:

Can I buy directly from RTA Products?
We do not sell directly to consumers, but our products are sold at online retailers and several nationwide retailers. Please contact us for a list of retailers where you can purchase our products.

Can I receive a catalog?
We do not send catalogs to consumers.

I received a box that was dropped off by UPS and the box shows visible damage. What should I do?
If you accept the package, we can then send you the parts needed to complete the unit. Let us know immediately by filling out the Order Replacement Parts section on the website.

What should I do if I am missing parts for my unit?
Go to Order Replacement Parts then enter all the required information. You will need to have the assembly instructions handy. If you lost or misplaced the instructions, please go to Find an Instruction Manual and download them. This is the fastest way to obtain your parts. Please do not contact us after placing the order online and reorder the same parts, this will delay your shipment. If none of these options work, then call our toll free number 866-782-8262.

How long does it take to receive a replacement part?
We are located in Pembroke Park, FL and we ship all parts by UPS ground. Depending on where you are, it can take up to 6 business days from the day we confirm the shipment. Part shipments will be confirmed by e-mail, using the e-mail address you provided in the form.

When I opened the box, the instructions were missing. What should I do?You can download or view them in our website under Find an Instruction Manual. This is the fastest way to receive the instructions, otherwise you can also call us at 866-782-8262 and we will either fax them or e-mail them to you. Please consider the environment before printing any material.

What tools do I need to assemble a desk?
All of our desks include a small Phillips screwdriver and a mini-wrench. This will be inside the hardware plastic bag. A small power screwdriver or drill is helpful, but not required.

How long does it take to assemble a desk?
It varies depending on the desk. It depends on the complexity of the product and how much experience you have assembling furniture.

Can I add accessories or wheels to the desk I purchased?
We do not recommend installing other accessories or wheels on a desk that was not designed to include other than the supplied accessories and wheels. It is not safe and it will void the original warranty.

Can you give me the price of a certain product?
Our products are sold only at retail stores and online e-retailers. You will need to contact the store or e-retailer for pricing information.

Your Questions – Answered!

We want you to feel completely satisfied with your purchase, and whether that means you need some quick questions answered or you need a replacement part, our team is here to help. If you are a furniture retailer who is interested in reselling some of our modern furniture line – we would love to get connected with you! Send us an email at info@rtaproducts.com. We look forward to teaming with you to supply your customers with the best wholesale furniture on the market. Do you have more questions? Visit our website – we probably have the answer.

You can rely on RTA Products LLC to be a trusted partner who is committed to success in sales, marketing, production, distribution and customer service.

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