3 Benefits to Displaying Furniture

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As a furniture retailer, one of your obvious goals is to sell furniture. Modern furniture retailers have found many approaches to selling and marketing their furniture, from a brick and mortar storefront to online retailing. No matter how you’ll be advertising your new Techni Mobili line – displaying your furniture is key. Here are a few benefits you can receive from displaying your furniture properly – online or in your storefront.

1. Make It Visually Appealing

This may seem obvious, but when you display furniture, you can display it in whatever light you would like. You can make it look as beautiful, modern, classic, or homey as you want. You can communicate anything through your display, whether it’s in a storefront with accessories to experience or online in a photo that conveys the same. As you create your furniture display, be sure to think about how you can stage the piece to advertise and highlight it’s advantages. If it’s a desk, you can showcase the amount of surface area it has (without cluttering it), you can highlight the storage it offers and put it in a space that makes it look incredible.

2. Hands On

Furniture displays create a hands-on friendly atmosphere. From opening drawers, sitting in chairs, and touching the smooth surface, a display encourages your buyers to experience the furniture. What happens when you advertise online, though? Are you losing that aspect? Perhaps, but you can still mimic the feelings and emotions of a hands-on sale by having the right photos on your site. Get close up shots of the material, the open drawers, and the way you can easily fit a computer and printer while still having space for notebooks, pencils and more. You can even provide videos to show exactly how the piece functions. In a day and age where video is king – don’t be afraid to advertise with this media. It gives the feeling of reality where a customer can’t experience something for real.

3. Provide a Scale

Finally, a display provides scale. Make sure to place your highlighted piece with other pieces of furniture. Cabinets, bookcases, plants, couches and more. These will all show the approximate size of your piece. If you have individual rooms or spaces, you can show how they will fit in a room, next to a window, or with a television. This is especially important when you are selling furniture online. You won’t be able to invite a customer into your store, and let them stand next to a piece to get an idea of the size. Make sure that your photos convey the approximate size of the piece you’re featuring so that your customers can feel confident when they buy.

Selling Quality Furniture

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