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Techni Mobili is a stylish and ergonomic brand of furniture that is designed and manufactured by RTA Products. We know the value in having furniture that is not only practical but also beautiful. Out of that, our line was born. Our modern furniture company is located in South Florida, but we cover the country from coast to coast.

Our goal is to bring on new furniture retailers, e-commerce companies, and sales teams to help grow our Techni Mobili brand. From chairs to desks, and everything in between, we help you furniture your home and office life with only the best.

About RTA Products

RTA Products LLC is committed to exceptional distribution, service, and marketing of its products with its brand Techni Mobili. We cover the country from coast to coast as well as globally from our office in Hangzhou, China. With a strategic distribution-shipping point in South Florida, we are committed to excellence in distribution.

As part of our international coverage, we have distribution channels throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Along with palletizing orders for both retail and wholesale markets, RTA specializes in e-commerce drop ship distribution.

We have developed our special e-commerce packaging, customer service and order processing to ensure that our products are shipped within 24 hours. We are proud of our customer support team, who on a daily basis provides assembly support to consumers. We have at our disposal an incredible parts department that ships spare parts directly to consumers when requested.

Our Goal

The focus is to create, produce and distribute quality products. Through a combination of quality, price, and service, we exceed the expectations of our customers and consumers. We back up what we offer with warranties, which depending on the type of product, may vary from one (1) to five (5) years. Many of our products have been tested by independent labs and passed all required consumer safety guidelines.

You can rely on the brand Techni Mobili to be a trusted partner who is committed to success in sales, marketing, production, distribution and customer service.

About the Techni Mobili Line

When you’re looking for quality furniture, you rely on a company who produces only the best. We fabricate our pieces from environmentally friendly wood, and we have created designs that are stylish, yet practical. Here are a few of the furniture categories we specialize in.


From writing desks to large office desks, we have may styles and colors to appeal to your office environment. Our pieces are easy to assemble, full of storage possibilities, and will quickly become a beautiful piece in your space.


Every office and home need a place to stay organized – this starts with a quality file cabinet. We have several sizes to choose from, with different features that you will love.


We provide a great line of ergonomic office chairs. From large captains chairs to smaller office chairs and task chairs – you’re sure to find exactly what your office needs.

Entertainment Centers

From TV stands to entertainment centers. You can count on a quality line of furniture to improve your entertainment room or even your office space.

Desk & Chair Sets

Finally, we have incorporated a line of desk and chair sets to complete the look in your home. Are you looking for a stylish option to incorporate into your home? These Desk and Chair sets are perfect.

The Best Furniture on the Market

At RTA Products, we build quality furniture for your home and office – and the quality doesn’t stop at your front door. Even after your furniture is delivered to your home, our team is here to support you through assembly videos, instruction manuals, and even replacement parts should you need some. Visit our website today to learn more about our products and how you can join the Techni Mobili Team!

You can rely on RTA Products LLC to be a trusted partner who is committed to success in sales, marketing, production, distribution and customer service.

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