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As a representative of RTA Products, and a business owner who sells furniture – it’s important to make sure that the pieces you are investing in are the best choice for your business. Whether you feature an online storefront, or you have a physical location where you are advertising and selling furniture – it’s equally important to make sure that you are advertising the best pieces. We want you to be successful more than anything else – because when you’re happy with the outcome of your business, we’re happy. As you are making plans to stock your inventory and choose which furniture to include in your, keep these 5 pieces in mind!

Laptop Stand

It’s important to appeal to many different clientelle when selling furniture. Because of this, you want to advertise to customers who need a fully furnished office, as well as those who need an office on the go. That’s what our laptop stands provide for your customers! This unit includes a storage compartment as well as two shelves to help store media and cords. It also has four locking casters on the bottom to allow someone the freedom to take their workstation ANYWHERE.


You still need to have pieces that are ideal for clients with a fully functioning office as well, so we have provided the workstation. This piece has everything you need to mix quality with attractiveness. With drawers on the side, to plenty of work space on top – you won’t find it difficult to sell this piece. Not to mention, there is a castor on the drawers for additional support when it’s open!

Executive Chair

This Techni Mobili Medium Back Manager Chair features a height adjustment mechanism and heavy duty nylon base. With locking tilt control and an adjustable tension knob, you can configure this stylish chair to your liking. This executive style chair is made of durable nylon with a comfortable padded seat upholstered in our premiere synthetic leather, Techniflex. Techniflex is an upholstery leather and polyurethane for added softness and durability. The 5-star nylon base features locking non-marking casters.

TV Stand

While many of our pieces are ideal for office spaces, there are also some great pieces that we have for home use OR office use. TV Stands are a great way to incorporate beautiful pieces, but still keep functionality in your home. Because of this we’ve created an entire line of entertainment centers and TV Stands. This particular pieces is PERFECT because it has plenty of storage for DVDs, cords, media, and more.

Desk & Chair Set

Desk and chair sets are a great way to invite your customers to see try something out. You can’t help but sit down and picture how organized you can be with this piece. ItThe spacious top easily accommodates books, writing materials, and a computer setup. features two drawers, allowing you to store stationery, papers, notepads, calculator, and other small essentials.

Provide Quality

No matter which furniture you decide to stock in your store, it’s important to make sure that you are working with a furniture manufacturer who not only supplies you with quality pieces but is easy to work with and can provide exceptional service for returns, questions, and replacements. You can find ALL of this with the RTA Products Team! Our service department is incredible, and we look forward to serving you and providing you with an incredible modern furniture line.


You can rely on RTA Products LLC to be a trusted partner who is committed to success in sales, marketing, production, distribution and customer service.

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