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RTA Products Offers a Unique “Spin” on the Traditional iPad Case with the 2COOL Duo-View Portfolio™

Ergonomic solutions from the 2COOL® line by RTA Products offers another exclusive portable iPad case while still keeping up with the latest tech trend. Continue reading

Ergonomic Laptop Stands by RTA Products Featured in L.A. Splash Magazine’s Valentine’s Day Technology Gift Guide

Flowers? Chocolate? Forget it! This Valentine’s Day, L.A. Splash Magazine’s gift guide focused on their top technology picks, including our ergonomic laptop stands! As L.A. Splash noted, “The new The Sharper Image and 2COOL ergonomic laptop stand and stylish workspace … Continue reading

Ergonomic Home Office Space Design Ideas

Hi there RTA fans!  Do you work from home? If so, you’re part of a growing trend! Working remotely certainly has its pros (namely, working in your pajamas) and cons (particularly if you are easily distracted). Still, there are many … Continue reading

Ergonomic Solutions: Improving Occupational Health: Part II

Hello all! As you know, throughout our blogging journey of absorbing and sharing all there is to know about ergonomic solutions, we’ve discussed many simple strategies all computer users can apply to improve both their occupational and overall health! In … Continue reading

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