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Ergonomic Solutions: Improving Occupational Health: Part II

Hello all! As you know, throughout our blogging journey of absorbing and sharing all there is to know about ergonomic solutions, we’ve discussed many simple strategies all computer users can apply to improve both their occupational and overall health! In … Continue reading

Ergonomic Solutions: Improve Overall Health

Happy New Year! We hope you had a fantastic 2011—here’s to an incredible 2012! As we’re certain you recall, in our blog post “Ergonomic Solutions: Improving Occupational Health,” we discussed the study of ergonomics, explained neck flexion, and offered some … Continue reading

Ergonomic Solutions: Improving Occupational Health

Are you smart at work? Okay, we know you’re a smart cookie, but consider these statistics before you exclaim yes!: In the general population, neck pain and dysfunction are common, affecting up to 67% of the general population at some … Continue reading